Monday, October 4, 2010

MOSH Field Trip

Outside in the parking lot :)

Inside the Giant Mouth of the Body Exhibit

Parts of the heart

Look at the fish Mommy!

Andrew in front of Whale Bones

Peyton wasnt so sure what to think

Show me your Grrrr face!

The Opossum woke up as we were walking out

Narnia anyone?

This exhibit was pretty awesome

Julia found a trash can! ? ! LOL
We were able to get a year pass to the Museum of Science and History this year. So we took advantage of this great deal to check out the exhibits. Even though the Planetarium was under construction, we still had a great time. They had the body exhibit that explored through what your body parts do and look like. They also had the Chronicles of Narnia exhibit as well. The kids loved looking at how everything was made and the costumes of the characters.

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