Monday, August 30, 2010


Part of the way through the school day today, I hear a scream from my bedroom. I run to see what happened and Andrew is standing over the sink with blood streaming down. I come to find out that he had gotten a hold of one of  my husbands pocket knives and sliced his finger trying to close it. He cut it pretty deep and it took quite a while to stop bleeding enough to evaluate the damage. The cut is on the upper portion of his finger tip. He was quite serious about never wanting to touch knives again; especially the one that caused all of the pain/trouble. After dealing with the crime scene, Julia and I got back to our school work and all was well.

Work, work, work!!!

One of the curriculum resources that I use is an online program. It engages the kids with games and fun skill builders to get the concept through. They both love it and look forward to getting to do their school work! Now, how often do you hear that?

New Kicks!

The kids all got new shoes for "school". They all seemed to out grown all of their shoes at the same time. It was Julia's idea to get all matching shoes. However Andrew's are high tops. And they were on sale!!!!!!

First Day of School - August 24

Today was our first official first day of school. It was a little rocky, however I think we are going to have a great year. Andrew is still trying to understand the "Mommy is the Teacher" thing! Peyton even has his own "School Box" that only comes out during school hours. He LOVED it and wants to get into it all the time. He gets to sit at the little table we have to do his "school work".

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We will begin the new school year on August 23rd. We have planned a fun filled year with Unit Studies, Lapbooking, and much more. I will keep you posted as to what projects we are up to and how the kids are doing. Until next time :)