Thursday, October 21, 2010

China Unit Study

Andrew trying to eat using Chopsticks

Julia eating (or trying to eat) using Chopsticks

Peyton showing me his China Coin (Yuan) that he painted (with Mommy's help of course)

The front of Julia's lapbook

Inside the Lapbook.

Some of the flaps

The back of Julia's lapbook

The front of Andrew's Lapbook

Inside his Lapbook

Some of the flaps

And then the back. This shows the different Chinese Symbols

Both kids with their lapbooks

Chinese lanters

Hanging on our fireplace
We have been learning about China over the past 4 weeks and here is a few pictures of our journey. The kids had a great time learning about the different things in China. We ate Chinese food with chopsticks, made our own Chinese lanterns, studies the animals of China, and also made a China Lapbook (my favorite). The Lapbook is such a great tool that they can look back on and remember what they talked about and learned.

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